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About Sojo University

Sojo University at a glance

Do you see yourself in a professional capacity?  Setting your sights on Sojo University is the first step, where we continueto produce distinguished professionals that shape their field.

Sooner or later everyone needs to work, and if you’re going to work, wouldn’t it follow that aiming high and becoming the most outstanding professional you can be is the best choice?
It is this ideology which drives the unique professionals excelling in a rich and varied range of 11 study courses across the five departments at Sojo University: pharmaceutical science, biotechnology and life science, engineering, computer and information science, and art.
In addition to the skills you learn at Sojo, in addition we emphasize the cultivation of the highest level of theory and knowledge obtained in the specialization of your field.
Sojo, as a general university, offers the enjoyment of meeting friends from a large choice of people, with different dreams, goals and ideas. We hope that every student at Sojo works towards a “richness of human character”: the quality shared by all distinguished professionals.
Can you see yourself maximizing your professional potential? Taking part in the Sojo community is the first step.

Message from the Sojo University President

Sojo University President, Mineo Nakayama

Through self-education and independent inquiry comes “scholarship”: the pursuit of true service to humankind.

Sojo University President, Mineo Nakayama

If we are to consider the direct teacher-to-student didactic model through secondary education as “study”, the university approach should foster the self-education and independent inquiry of “scholarship”.
While the skills and knowledge gained through “scholarship” last a lifetime, it is equally important that we continually strive to evaluate our worth with the question: “Am I of service to my fellow humans and this world?”
It is the very ability to earnestly ask this question which marks the divergence of a professional from an amateur.
At Sojo University we develop professionals, whose motto is “To walk the path of life in the service of humankind.” I will eagerly await our meeting next spring, when you stand poised at the divergence point of your life’s journey.

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