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Department of Fine Arts

From the desire to create set your sights on coursework developed by a faculty of leaders in their respective art fields.  With small classes, students gain practical technique and strive to be an artist in the universal and pure fine arts.

Education System

From the fundamentals of expression to its development and application, aspiring artists learn from leading artists.

  • Nihonga Course
  • Western Painting Course
  • Sculpture Course
  • Art Culture Course
  • General lifetime Art Education Course

Educational Policy

Consolidate the foundation through training in fundamental courses

  • We put special emphasis on developing students’ fundamental understanding of drawing and design. The fundamental courses are designed aiming at helping students train the basic techniques and skills to enhance their potential to be an artist.

Make a jump from the local to the national, and to the world level

  • Students and professorates join hands to spread their original art and culture to the world. Through a series of collaborative activities, students will stretch the possibility beyond the basics.

Educational Methods

Development of individuality

  • We provide students with the curriculum in which students cultivate the power of self-expression and creativity. Starting with the fundamental courses to acquire in-depth understanding of the fundamentals, students will greatly develop their originality through the four-year education at Sojo.

Collaborative works with The Faculty of Engineering and The Faculty of Computer and Information Science

  • Under the theme of “The Fusion of Technology and Art,” we carry out a “Collaborative Practicum” with the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science. Students refine their aesthetic sensibility and widen perspectives by experiencing the evolution and potentiality of expression through this unique program.

Educational Environment

Campus surrounded by a lot of natural beauty

  • The Facility of Art is located on the beautiful hilly site. Taking advantage of its feature in the landscape, we have the stairway-style four-story building designed with the intention of having all the practical rooms get an exposure to the natural light.

Learn and work in state-of-the-art facilities

  • In addition to offering a full array of work tools and supplies, we also provide practical rooms where each student can devote themselves to their own creative activities.

Exploring artistic “creation” at graduate-level

  • We provide master and doctoral courses in Art for those who wish to continue the exploration of their special interest. By continuing study into graduate-level, students will get the greater opportunity of having professional trainings.

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