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The Anatomy of an Education

In response to the diverse demands for a variety of professionals in our society, Sojo University offers 16 masters and doctorate programs on the graduate level, and a range of 11 departments in five faculties: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology and Life Science, Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences, and Art.  At Sojo we are training and developing professionals through educational excellence.

Foundation of Ideals

Modern day civilization was realized through technology and sensibility. In embracing ambition, those who enter Sojo are encouraged to reach beyond the realm of specialization in the continuous inquiry into truth, to face life as an active participant in the glory and burden of the future of modern generations; and never to forget the depth and meaning of this obligation. Since time immemorial, scientific development and artistic creation have originated from the pulse of the human spirit. In the Sojo educational philosophy we strive to never forget this spiritual backbone which gives rise to the sciences and arts alike, continuously endeavoring to foster the development of a more open and broad world view. Modern day science and technologies, while accomplishing new horizons at a blinding pace, are also prone to fragmentation and dehumanization, and therefore we must always remain aware of this problem. At Sojo, students with their sights set on cutting edge scientific learning, and those exploring the arts alike, are encouraged to recognize the importance of human relations, and must foster an understanding of the morals and ideals which place respect on life itself. At the base of a Sojo education is the fusion between ethics and scientific learning and arts. Sojo is a private university which honors the value of free will and creative spirit. There has arisen the necessity of pioneering a fresh era of individuality, and if we are to answer this call, it would follow that the starting point lies in cultivating the self, or in this case, a harmonious campus. The words, “Even if not in agreement, seek harmony,” lend themselves to the possibility that from harmony we may seek the establishment of order. It follows that while Sojo, as an industrial academic institution, must function as a leader in the formation of new practical sciences; As a “base of wisdom”, Sojo is a cultural center for the regional community and therefore must continuously strive to make contributions to the cause of world peace. It is of this mind that we, the faculty and students must form the united front of “Sojo University Collective Destiny”. The name of our institution indicates the inheritance of the tradition of political culture arising from the center of the castle. With a reverence of truly great deeds, and while carrying a presence deeply respected, we endeavor to cultivate talented individuals willing to stand up under the burden of realizing a meaningful society and culture for the generations to come. It is in this spirit that Sojo University sets forth our “Foundation of Ideals”.

Educational Ideals

  1. Those who learn at Sojo shall, in embracing ambition and holding pride in private schooling, carry themselves with spiritual fortitude and learn truth; and in polishing skill and ability define themselves as a human talent to shoulder the future of humankind. Through a synthesis of science, culture, and art, students must cultivate a deep education and abundant worldview.
  2. In relation to all studies, students will strive to obtain an authentic attitude of self-motivated learning and move beyond the chains of the ego. “Seek, as it will not be given,” the first step must come from personal volition. The time of self-discipline is the time of absorption. Avoid the isolation of superiority and always take the movements of society to heart, one must observe the ebb and flow of the world, and be a proprietor of a breadth of knowledge.
  3. University is a place of encounters and a forum for the exchange of the passion of youth. In meetings with excellent educators and new friends and acquaintances, one must be devoted to realizing a life of cultivation for each individual personality.
  4. For succeeding in society and excelling as an intellectual, scientist, or creator,mastery of knowledge and virtue is necessary.The fountainhead for these is the nurturing and tempering of tenacity and strength; in preparation for the arrival of that day, Sojo students will live their days to the fullest, without regret. Herein lies the road to meeting not only familial expectations, but answering your charge as a citizen of the world.

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